Our story

Felux was established in Cleveland, Ohio by a group of steel and technology executives with one mission in mind.

To build innovation in a critical industry that has fallen behind.

With Decades of steel experience, the Felux founder and team have conducted deals of all sizes, across all geographies and end markets. Over time, one similarity became painfully apparent: Transactions are conducted using outdated and analog methods.

Felux is on a mission to revolutionize the global industrial industry with the world's best technology.

who we are

Meet the future of steel

Our team brings together expertise from steel, technology and business sectors.​​​​

Hailing from Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, and West Lafayette, our staff is pioneering the next-generation technology for the industrial world.

Our vision

At Felux, we believe the steel industry should be seamlessly connected to buy and sell. That's why we are building an operating system for the steel industry, a model that provides the best technology and services to the steel industry

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who we are

Felux leadership

At Felux, expertise is a core component in operating a marketplace. That's why we are led by industry experts with decades of experience of technology and steel experience.  

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our members

Join the other leading brands on Felux  

350+ of the top companies use  Felux to drive the future of steel. Learn how our members buy, sell and drive business.

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