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Porcelain Enameling Sheets (Vitrenamel)

Sheet steel for porcelain enameling is chemically constituted and suitably processed to adapt it to the fabricating and enameling requirements of the articles for vitreous coating under proper conditions. This product is generally produced in two types. Type 1: This type has an extremely low carbon level commonly produced by decarburizing in an open coil process in which the coil laps are separated for easy flow of annealing gases. When specified by the purchaser, this material is suitable for direct cover coat and enameling applications. This material is also suitable for ground and cover coat enameling practice. It has good sag resistance and good formability. Type 2: This type has moderately low carbon and manganese levels as produced in the melting operation. This material is suitable for ground and cover coat applications. This selection of chemical composition for Type 2 can be varied to provide either maximum resistance to sag or good formability. Sheet steel for porcelain enameling can be produced to stretcher levelled standard of flatness, resquared or sheared into circles or sketches.

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