West Walker Turns to Felux to Help Expand Its Business

Ever since its founding in 1985, West Walker Steel has focused on “doing the right thing” and dramatic growth. Today, the Grand Rapids, Michigan, based organization has a second office in Chicago and serves a broadly diversified customer base including automotive, metal building, agricultural, truck trailer, and service center industries.
The company has a nationwide logistics, processing and transportation network to serve domestic customers and participates in the international market. With an extensive inventory of mill prime material, excess prime, slab rollings, secondary and mill field claim, West Walker offers products and grades across a broad spectrum of steel.


As the management team of West Walker looked toward the future, they envisioned additional growth in both securing new customer accounts and accessing steel materials quickly and efficiently.

“Our main objective was to increase sales,” said Dalton Messman, chief financial officer at West Walker Steel. “Before Felux, we were unable to advertise our current inventory quickly to a large enough audience. We wanted to find an online platform to secure new buyers as well as purchase steel quickly.”


After exploring some options, West Walker Steel became a member of Felux. “I needed a way to advertise my inventory to a bigger audience as well as a way to spot buy steel on the fly for quick orders,” Messman said. “Felux stood out against the competition due to its superior customer service.”

As West Walker’s team looks further into the future, Messman said the company is excited about enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, which will help the company save time within its dual inventory systems.

For the time being, West Walker Steel is successfully conducting spot buys and taking advantage of request for quote opportunities. “We want to expand our prime end users, and Felux has made that possible by connecting me with the inventory I need to fill orders. I can buy steel in a matter of minutes.”