Ratner Steel Turns to Innovative Platform to Drive Growth

Ratner Steel provides the highest quality steel and superior customer service to companies throughout the United States and Canada. Shipping more than 500,000 tons of steel each year, this industry leader provides hot roll sheet and plates, hot roll pickled oiled sheet and plates, cold roll sheets and floor plates. Headquartered in Roseville, Minn., Ratner Steel also has facilities in Portage, Ind., and Osceola, Ark.

Ratner Steel has always focused on innovation since its founding in 1986. Although the company is known for heavy hot roll in the industry for a long time, the sales team always keeps an eye out for ways to drive new business and improve customer acquisition. As one of the first major steel suppliers to join Felux, Ratner Steel has started to discover new markets for its products.


Like many other industries, the market for steel products and services is a competitive one. Successful companies will be the ones that are always growing, changing, and taking advantage of the newest tools and technologies available to help them better accomplish their missions.

Ratner Steel has always been an innovative leader within the industry, and its new business acquisition goals are no different. Dave Greichunos, territory manager for Ratner Steel, has been in the steel industry for more than 20 years, working with sales and business development throughout the industry.

“We are always looking for customers who can benefit from our high-quality products and services,” Greichunos said. “Selling steel is the main driver.”


Since January 2020, Ratner Steel has posted more than 170 million pounds of material for sale (MFS) on Felux and has received multiple requests for quotes (RFQ) to date. Several committed orders have already been sealed.

“The platform gives me the ability to post to a larger customer base that is looking for the products that we specialize in,” Greichunos said. “It makes it easier for everyone to get our products listed where buyers are looking for them.”